Roulette: Biased Wheel and Dealer Signature

One subject in roulette that usually comes up in a discussion of winning the game or getting the edge over the house is the topic of biased wheels in roulette. If you want to find out if there is some truthfulness about the notion of biased wheels, one thing you can do is clocking at least 4,000 roulette wheel spins. By doing this, you can determine if there is really a pattern.

But in reality, there is no biased wheel with regards to black or red. At times, you may find some bias on a certain set of numbers.

In actuality, all casinos do not want to have a biased wheel of roulette. The reason is that the house edge of roulette is dependent on the odds of 37 to one for every number on the wheel over time. In case of a player who pays out more often than the ordinary, the casino will eventually lose its money.

In respect to this, a biased wheel of roulette is not the same as a fixed blackjack game. The truth is casinos do not have any interest in making casino games fixed because the house edge of all games including roulette is on their favor anyway.

If ever you have found a biased wheel of roulette, and you are so very confident that it is indeed a biased wheel, then make the roulette bet on single numbers as much as possible. If you are on an unusual situation where you have the advantage edge over the house, then don't waste your money by making roulette bets with low payouts.

Another topic that is somewhat related to the biased wheel of roulette is the roulette dealer signature. There are roulette dealers who have been doing the job of spinning roulette wheel for many years already that unconsciously, they are doing it in exactly the same way with exactly the same speed in every spin. The result is a situation where some numbers will come up more often than other numbers on the roulette wheel.

If you are searching for this kind of situation, just find a roulette dealer who is older and one that looks really bored because they have been doing this job for a long time. Young roulette dealers who are just learning the job will not give you that advantage. Look for a roulette dealer who has spun the wheel many times making the results automatic and sometimes predictable.

Determining a biased wheel of roulette will take about 4,000 spins and more than a hundred tracking hours before you can find some pattern certainty on the roulette wheel. If you that much time, do it. But if not, go play roulette with luck and have fun.