The Origin of Roulette

The beginning of roulette is hard to determine because the roots of the game is lost, and there was some kind of similar game dating as far as the beginning of the wheel itself. Some people believed that roulette was launched in China and reached Europe through traders bartering with the Chinese.

A number of similar variations sprouted during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The game that pioneered modern roulette was played in the casinos of Paris at the conclusion of the 18th century. It had all the features of current roulette games except that the single zero spot was red and the double zero black. As a result, many people got confused and so they changed both colors to green to lessen the confusion.

During the middle of the 19th century, single zero roulette was played in French casinos, which led to the considerable reduction of the house edge and favored the player. When gambling became illegal in Germany, Louis Blanc, the inventor of roulette, acknowledged the invitation of a friend to visit Monaco and become a casino operator. This casino became the yardstick for European roulette, and the game became exclusive to Monte Carlo casinos until the year 1933. This paved the way for the gambling and resort business in Monaco as most wealthy Europeans were lured to the casinos of Monte Carlo.

The double zero variation remained in the United States and is often regarded as the American Wheel. With the arrival of single zero games, the double zero game gradually disappeared in European casinos and became the French wheel.

European casinos as well as those in Atlantic City presented another revision to the game which boosted the odds in favor of the player. Thus, the En Prison bet was born. Here, if the player makes equal money, zero, or double zero bet, they have a couple of alternatives.

First, they have the option to maintain a status quo as far as their bet is concerned and the succeeding spin will determine if the player will lose their bet or get his original wager back. They have the option to give up fifty percent of their wager.

Most people prefer this option so it will not be surprising if the croupier will assume that you will choose the en prison bet as well. Make sure that you notify the croupier if you will use the option to surrender fifty percent of your wager. The game of roulette has a gone a long way since then. Today, it is one of the most popular games being played in the casino.